Some of the brow lamination FAQ

Popular brow lamination questions

- Will this treatment look good on me?
Even though we maintain the opinion that almost anyone could benefit from brow lamination the ultimate choice is still up to you. Some of the factors that may contribute to the dissatisfaction with the treatment are:

-very long brow hairs (will look even longer after brow lamination and trimming is not something that we usually do for many reasons)

-curly brow hairs

-almost no brow hairs

-very blonde/white/grey brow hairs

-age after 70

But do keep in mind that your technician will offer you an alternative treatment when spotting either one of those factors. Such as brow tint or brow shape without lamination. We always care about the final results.

And remember that when in doubt you're always welcome to book our completely free consultation with one of our techs

- Do I need it if my eyebrows are already thick?

Thicker eyebrows also tend to be more difficult to manage, since the hairs always grow in slightly different directions, which is more visible with fuller eyebrows.
So yeah, if you want the hairs to become sleek and smooth in order to brush them however you want!

- Will the treatment leave my brows frozen in pointing up position?

Not necessarily, unless you are going for a bushy look and will brush them like this yourself daily. The entire point of the procedure is not to stiffen your hairs, forcing them to look upwards, but make them flexible enough for you to style them effortlessly with some help of brow gel/brow wax. You can even make them fluffy one day and natural the next. Completely up to you
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