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  • What is a Signature brow lamination?
    Brow lamination is an eyebrow perming treatment, the one you have seen all over insta. The treatment includes brow lamination, color and correction by wax and tweezer.

    Brow Lamination gives you an non permanent alternative to microblading. If you have unruly, flat or downward growing hairs, eyebrow lamination can change the direction of growth to create a more uniform look with a higher arch and a more desirable brow shape.

    The treatment can be modified to suit your particular needs and will be always performed after a discussion about your wants and no-no's. For example, if your brows are dark enough, we don't need to color them. If they are thin enough - we will only slightly clean up some hairs around the brows but won't make them thinner etc.

    In any case, our primary job is to make sure that you will get exactly what you need, even if you don't yet now what it is

  • How long does the treatment last?
    Brow lamination typically visibly lasts for 3-6 weeks depending on oh so many personal parameters like hair texture, growth speed and history of your brows!

    As for coloring - we have colors of different intensity to achieve more natural or more defined look, color only the hairs or hairs and skin etc., but generally it will be up to a week on the skin and up to 6 weeks on the hairs.

  • How often should I do the brow lamination?
    Brow lamination should not be done more often than once in 6 weeks to avoid any possible damage to the brows. However we offer a special price touch-ups that can be done already in 2-3 weeks and include coloring and waxing.
  • Does lash lift include color?
  • What is the cancellation policy?
    According to our cancellation agreement, in case of a cancellation happening less than 24 hrs before the scheduled appointment. According to our cancellation agreement, in case of a cancellation happening less than 24 hrs before the scheduled appointment, you will be invoiced the full amount of treatment. There are no exceptions to this rule, including sickness.
  • How can I cancel/change the booking?
    After you make a booking you will receive a confirmation email, where you may find a link to these options. Moreover, you can always contact us via phone, mail or our social media in case you need to cancel or reschedule.
  • Can I buy a gift card?
    Yes. You can buy one both in our studio and in our webshop!
  • What is the difference between senior and junior artist?
    Both junior and senior artists in our team are amazingly talented techs with great customer reviews! The only difference is that an artist at G Spot becomes a senior after at least a 6 months experience.
  • I am not sure if the treatment is right for me but I am very curious to try. Can I talk to someone about my situation and then make a decision?
    We are always open to giving help and advice to those in doubt! You may book a free consultation in our menu and come in for a chat. No strings attached!
  • How can I pay for the treatment?
    All treatments must be booked online but can only be paid in person (except for the gift cards). You pay after getting your treatment at the studio via Mobile Pay or cash. Bank cards are not accepted at the moment.
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