The ultimate beginner brow lamination kursus

"From Zero to Brow Hero" - A full immersion into the brow lamination basics including coloring, hair removal and all kinds of nerdy things about hair and skin. Includes practice on 4 models. Taught individually or in mini groups
8 hr
G Spot Copenhagen
3499 - 5999DKK
✨individual/mini group study

✨brow lamination

✨coloring and color theory

✨mapping and shaping



✨theory, practice, demonstration and homework

✨best treatment secrets from the Russian techs

✨SoMe help

Taught by: Jenny
Senior brow and lash artist and co founder of G Spot
Jenny is the one behind the Browjob Copenhagen concept. Has gotten her brow and lash education in Russia, where the beauty industry is fantastic and now ready to share some magic here!

Started her practice in October 2019 and has made lots sets of eyebrows happy ever since. Started teaching in 2020.

She is a firm believer that individual approach, flexibility and always updating the knowledge is the key for success in beauty.

How It Goes

Theory lecture
A lecture on brow structure, color theory, lamination process and chemistry brow architecture and social media set up.. 2-3 hours plus questions and a little practical task
Demonstration model
A model that the teacher works on showing you everything that has been touched on in the lecture
A model for self practice
A model for individual practice that you work on under the watchful eye of your teacher
Certificate and home tools
At the end of the studying day you will receive a certificate plus the presentation from the lecture with thorough instructions to follow and a cheat sheet

How it goes

Our master classes take place in our cozy studio in Nørrebro
Students´ works
Her are some first ever works by our students from the masterclass
Some of our many students who set up studios of their own 💕
Choose Your Course
Here you can choose to study individually, in a group or go through a lash lift course
Individual course (brows or lash lift)
One on one with teacher
4499 dkk
  • 2 practice models
  • Undivided attention of the teacher
  • Personal approach
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Brows and lashes
From zero to beauty hero
  • Individual or Mini-group
  • 5 models
  • Two certificates
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