Signature Brow Lamination: what is it and why is it such a trend?

So what’s up with brow lamination?

First of all, brow lamination is such a versatile treatment that almost anyone can benefit from! It consists of three main stages - lamination itself, shaping with wax and tweezers and tinting. It is advised if your eyebrows grow in different directions, are too harsh or were overtweezed/ overcut at some point (haven't we all been there my 80s and 90s kids?)

The treatment will tame your eyebrows, lift them and make them silky smooth and flexible while still holding the shape you want for anywhere between 3 and 6 weeks. The color will bring out your eyes in the natural way, so everyone will keep wondering what exactly has changed in your look that you look so fresh and glowing, trust me on that. Compliments are always a great treat! Some compare it to a discount plastic surgery, in terms of how much the appearance of the eyebrows can change the entire face!

If we get a bit into the nerdy stuff - brow lamination is basically breaking natural hair bonds, putting them in a desired shape and then rebuilding them, so that they alter their structure and become flexible and fluffy for you to style easily. Therefore, it works like a perm, staying put until your new hairs will grow out sufficiently. It is completely safe and will not leave your brows damaged when done by a certified and trusted professional, like our team at G Spot.

Psss… rumour also has it that lazy ones (who isn't when the weather is like this tho) will enjoy less or no wasted time for makeup every morning ;)

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