How to make your brows happy

Our top care tips for your brows before andafter brow lamination

And yes, they need care too.Don't forget that your initial eyebrow condition influences the treatment results.

#1 Don't. Ever. Cut. Your eyebrows. I couldn't highlight this one more. Does it work for like one minute? Yes. Does it also change your hair structure making your eyebrows harsh like wires and unmanageable even after the brow lamination treatment? Also yes.

Do this instead: if you have any stray hairs that are longer than the others/ growing down/ go outside of the shape - pluck them out individually. No, your eyebrows won't have bald spots after that and any treatment you will decide to do will be 100% more successful ????

#2 Treat your eyebrows just like your hair and take care of the skin around them! Rub some oil (almond, castor, argan) onto them before you go to bed. Don't miss your brows when applying face moisturizer. You can even put eyepatches on them for extra silky-smoothness. It will pay off very soon

#3 Don't believe that magic oils will make your eyebrows grow like crazy. Let's look into the simple truth - mostly hair growth is stimulated by healthy blood circulation. Without blood reaching the hair follicles, they quickly wither. Give your eyebrows a daily massage and you will see amazing results. If that doesn’t work for you you can also try special brow serums

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